Architectural Rendering Tutorial – Creating the Sliding Door in Cinema4D

A lot of architectural rendering work is using the same techniques over and over again to get different results.

Creating a basic sliding door in Cinema4D

Creating a basic sliding door in Cinema4D

In this next Cinema4D modeling for architecture tutorial, I will be creating the sliding door for the house we will be creating. As I have stated previously, there are a lot of different ways to achieve the same results. The techniques that I show here are my way of working through the modeling process. I actually recorded this video several months ago but have not had time to work on it due to being very busy with my day job and my freelance rendering work. Since recording this video I have tweaked some of my techniques and I will be creating some “quick tip” videos and articles so please subscribe to my mailing list to receive updates.


I use a lot of the same tools as in the previous tutorials. I start with copying a window and adjusting the size to create a sliding door and make in instance of that door for the other part of the sliding door. It’s interesting in this video how I reused previously modeled parts to create new parts using scale, point stretching, knife tool, bridge tool, extrude, bevel along with several other tools. It’s pretty basic modeling that all part of creating a 3D building.

On a side note, I will start recording videos with audio. I have ordered a Blue Microphones Snowball and will have voice overs from now on. I am by no means an audio equipment expert so I probably will not do a review on this product.

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The Corner – Interior Architectural Rendering

The is a quick interior render I did to try out a couple of new techniques. I came across a different (for me) way of adding light glow in photoshop and I wanted to try a fur/hair material. The light glow is used on the lights and the window and the fur is played over a stool in the background. The scene was inspired (but not an exact copy) of a photo I saw on a design blog. I will soon post a quick tutorial, on this site, about the light glow.


Interior architectural rendering, Cinema4D, vrayforcinema4d

Interior architectural rendering, Cinema4D, vrayforcinema4d

Portfolio – Architectural Renderings — jbar3D – architectural rendering service

New architectural rendering work added to my portfolio.

Interior – Personal WorkI made this simple rendering as a quick test to try out some techniques from this article. I created a similar scene not meant to be an exact recreation to the scene in the article.

Interior - Personal Work

Architectural rendering, Interior Rendering, Cinema4D, vrayforC4D, Photo Realistic

via Portfolio – Architectural Renderings — jbar3D – architectural rendering service.

European Apartment — jbar3D – architectural rendering service

Here is an interior rendering I just completed for a client.

I just completed this rendering for a client. I was given a description of what he wanted and had a lot of freedom to design the space and rendering. 

European Apartment

via European Apartment — jbar3D – architectural rendering service.

Download Blender 2.70 | CG Daily news

I don’t use Blender for architectural renderings but it’s a free, open source 3d modeling and rendering software. Here is some information on the latest version from CG Daily News

Download Blender 2.70

[ #Blender ]
After two release candidates, the Blender Foundation has unveiled Blender 2.70

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