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The is a quick interior render I did to try out a couple of new techniques. I came across a different (for me) way of adding light glow in photoshop and I wanted to try a fur/hair material. The light glow is used on the lights and the window and the fur is played over a stool in the background. The scene was inspired (but not an exact copy) of a photo I saw on a design blog. I will soon post a quick tutorial, on this site, about the light glow.


Interior architectural rendering, Cinema4D, vrayforcinema4d

Interior architectural rendering, Cinema4D, vrayforcinema4d

Architectural Rendering Tutorial – Part 3

Making the Door and Window Openings

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.49.46 AM

In this next tutorial in the series I will be creating the openings in the the walls. This sections will be relatively short and repetitive. It is all basically selecting the polygons where the windows and door will be and deleting them.

There was one thing that I could have done to make this part geo a little faster. On this house almost all of the windows and doors go from floor to ceiling. I should have deleted the polygons before I extruded the hight of the walls.

Around the back of the house are 5 windows that I will need to cut out. I reposition the reference image to line up the drawing I need. Again, I don’t need to be exact, very close will do. I select the wall object and switch to polygon mode. I need to use the knife tool to make the cuts for the window opening. I use the plane knife tool and set the orientation to x-z. I also set the number of cuts to 2 and the spacing to 12inches and hover the mouse over the window to see if that’s enough. 12 inches is not a big enough opening so I make it 18 inches and recheck. It’s good so I just click to make the cuts. The sill height will be the same for the other four windows on this elevation. Continue reading

Architectural Rendering Tutorial Part 2

Creating the Floor and Roof

Continuing  the architectural rendering tutorial, I will add the floor, roof and foundation as well as creating the openings for the windows and doors. These are basic modeling techniques and as with the previous tutorial, there is more than one way to accomplish the same task. At the bottom of this tutorial is a video demonstrating the entire process described here.

final for this section

3D modeling for architectural render in Cinema4D

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